We bullshit straight boys into coming back to our apartment for a free casting session for a straight movie. But then we fuck them use them to satisfy our fantasies . After we finish with them we promise we'll call them about the job...
but there is no job and we won't call!

Abusing homeless boy

Black dick abusing blond ass bareback

We got another member of our Boysabuse club requesting to fuck some really young boy. After some massage and raw fucking he came inside his ass.

Paul Age: 20

When you re out of work, you ve got to be open to new opportunities. Fresh-faced Paul was on his way to school when we found him on the streets of Prague. But he was willing to give us a try when we told him we were str8 porn producers from America. It was easy enough to get him to show us his hot, smooth, muscular body. But we needed to slap him about a bit before we could get him to really open up to our ideas. As a reward, we gave Paul a banana and some cream -- in our own special way.


Another day, another fake casting! But this time it was a bit different. Instead of a skinny twink we do what we liked with, this guy was quite resistant. And when we tried to fuck his ass, he almost punched us.

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